Why I Hate The Word “Just”

I had this epiphany awhile ago so I can’t fully remember its context, but I assume it was in reference to me saying “I just go to community college.” That phrase is only fueling the bad reputation community college gets in comparison to its superior sister “university.” Like I had no idea what I wanted to do when I started, but I should garner all this student loan debt at a four-year institution only to find out that maybe this very-expensive-school might not be the best place for me? Yet, I’m the dumb one.

I thought about this topic again while writing my final exam for my media writing class (at the aforementioned community college). Personal anecdote aside, I normally hear “just” being used to simplify something or to belittle someone. It’s the latter that gives me the most trouble because you’re not just anything. You are whatever you want to be! You have the power to be anything you want to be! And whatever that is, it is completely valid! So, it’s not to say that I will never ever use the word just, but I’m more consciously aware of it now and I think about what I’m trying to say before I use it.

Before writing this, I did a quick google search of the title and found that I’m not the only one with this view. This one nails my thoughts right on the head. What are your thoughts on the word “just,” and are there any other words that you hate for similar reasons?

P.S. My first post!! AH!!!!